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How To Get Rid of Back Pain






Are you suffering from acute pain in the back whenever you sit down in front of the computer for extended periods? Alternatively, do you face from shooting pains in the back when you attempt a simple task like bending down to pick something from the floor? Chances are that you encounter extreme pain in your backside when you try to chance sides while sleeping on the bed. These types of problems might vanish after some time or might be chronic in nature. Whatever be their causes, you should take immediate action because they might cause severe damage on the muscles and ligaments of the back on a long-term basis.

How to get rid of back Pain? You may get up at fixed intervals of time and walk around a bit before sitting down again to do your job. Do not bend forwards while sitting on the chair over extended period, since this might cause pain in the lower part of your back. The height of the chair plays an important role. A proper chair ensures that the angle between your hands and that of the keyboard is at 45 degrees. Carrying more weight than is suitable for you can also contribute to pain in the back. You should always bend your legs and then lift the object gradually.

Several guides are available online that provide you with tips how to get rid of back pain... get hold of them and follow their instructions. Obviously, obese people should try to get rid of the extra fat present in their body. Similarly, smokers should give up their bad habit soonest possible. You might also try applying pain balms available from pharmaceutical stores or online. You should apply them on the affected area as per instructions to get relief from back pains. These types of balms are extremely helpful if the pains in the back are muscular in nature.


They also help if the back pain is due to strain or muscular spasms. Another feasible option on how to get rid of back pain is to perform yoga exercises. They stretch and contract your back and thereby help to tone your back muscles and the spine bones as well. However, you should remember that certain types of back pains might be due to herniated or degenerated discs and in this case, you require the help of a doctor. They might ask you to perform a X-ray of your back and utilize the image to diagnose the cause of the pain and then prescribe suitable treatment.



Home Remedies for Relief


Back pain is commonly suffered by many. If you are amongst them, then you must have consulted the doctor. The doctor must have prescribed you various medicines. While at times the intensity of back pain is such that you just cannot do without medicines, other times it can be controlled by some home remedies. If you can get relief from lower back pain or other back pain without having medicines, nothing can be better.


Here some tips on how to relieve lower back pain:

Ice Pack

Many people have reported getting great relief after using an ice pack and you can also try using the same

method. Take a towel and place some ice cubes in it, wrap it and keep it on the sore area for around 20

minutes. Remove the towel for 10 minutes and then again repeat. You can keep doing this until you get relief

from the pain.


Keep a check on the continuous hour that you spend sitting.

People who have to sit for long hours at a stretch, like office workers, truck drivers and others, reportedly

suffer from back pain. Try to stand for sometime at regular intervals, you can go for a brisk walk,

and if you have to sit continually then keep fidgeting in your chair.


Use the right chair.

Especially if you have to sit for long hours. A proper chair should have good support for your lower back.

If your chair does not provide so, then you can use a curved pillow.

The chair should also be leaning backward a bit. Rest your back on it rather than leaning forward.

If you are working on a computer then the keyboard and chair height should be adjusted properly.

It should be in a way that your thighs remain parallel to the floor and eyes stay in level with the monitor top.

This makes sure that you are in a right posture. If required, you should redesign the car seat.

The new model cars generally have seats that can be easily adjusted to make sure you are comfortable.

If you do not have this feature in your car, use a lumbar pillow whenever you are driving.


Choose the right mattress while sleeping.

It should not be too soft or too firm. If you can invest in a waterbed, it can be perfect, as it allows the exact

support needed for a bad back.


Stop wearing high heels if you are suffering from back pain, as it can lay great stress on your


You can still look stylish without the high heels, with so many sandal options that you have. It is very

important to do some stretches and motion exercises on a daily basis. 



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