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What are the causes for back pain?


Are you finding it difficult to get up in the morning or are you finding it tough to bend over to pick up an object? Each time you try to perform such tasks, you feel an excruciating pain in the back. You should avoid these problems because they might grow and cause you more problems in the future. In fact, quite a number of people who have not taken care of their back pain have found to their dismay that it leads to pains in the other parts of the body as well. Upper back pain, middle back pain and lower back pain can turn out to be extremely frustrating and the problem compounds whenever we are unable to find its cause.

In fact, this type of pain is quite common and nearly 90% of adults suffer from it. You need to find out the causes of back pain and address the causes as soon as possible. Several factors lead to these types of pain. If you attempt to lift a heavy object off the floor, without bending your knees first, you might put extreme stress on your spinal cord that can ultimately lead to back pain. Others might experience uneasiness in the upper part of their back, just below the neck. Before proceeding further, you should understand that these pains could occur in your upper, middle, and the lower parts of your back. As mentioned above, poor posture while performing tasks can lead to back pain. Some of upper back pain causes is when you sit upright on the chair, in front of the computer, for long stretches of time. On many occasions, the cause of the back pain is due to the irresponsible steps taken by the sufferer.

According to medical research, smokers as well as obese individuals are more susceptible to pains in the back. The body weight of obese individuals is more than their spinal bone can carry, therefore resulting in pains in the back. You might experience pains in the lower, middle or the upper regions of your back. On certain occasions, a simple task like lifting a heavy weight with a jerk might cause these pains. Your first option, in case you are suffering from mild pains in the back, is to take some painkillers. These are available over the counter and no prescriptions are required for them. You can alternatively undertake some exercises that strengthen the muscles of your back.

It is advisable that you get up at fixed intervals of time and walk around a bit before sitting down again to do your job. Do not bend forwards while sitting on the chair over extended period, since this might cause pain in the lower part of your back. The height of the chair plays an important role. A proper chair ensures that the angle between your hands and that of the keyboard is at 45 degrees. Carrying more weight than is suitable for you can also contribute to pain in the back.

Lack of strength in the back muscles also plays an important task in causing back pain. The best way to get rid of these problems is undertaking exercises that strengthen your back muscles. Several other causes might also lead to back pain such as occasions when the tissues and muscles of the body are sprained or stretched. Friction between the facet joints and the vertebrae due to disk deterioration because of aging also leads to pain in the back.

Back pain can also be due to you suffering from pinched sciatic nerve. This is very common for those who have a history of car collision or sports injury.Pinched sciatic nerve is basically a compressed nerve. It results in too much of bodily damage, because when nerves get pressed, it is not able to properly send messages though the body. It can result in motor as well as sensory deficiency. Back pain results when cartilage, muscle, bone and tissue suffer from direct pressure. This comes in way of the normal functioning of the person’s body.

Type of Causes for Back Pain


It is very possible the rising global obesity problem is linked to the increase in back pain sufferers. If you are obese or even just somewhat overweight, you will have extra pressure on the spine which will almost certainly eventually lead to pain. Chronic obesity may additionally cause degeneration in the vertebral column which will then lead to herniated or degenerative disk disease.

The likelihood of developing osteoarthritis of the spine is also greatly increased in overweight people. Many back pain sufferers have found that if they lose weight, pain levels caused by osteoarthritis diminish greatly. This is great motivation to go on a diet for many sufferers, as this type of back pain can be truly debilitating.

Even if you are not particularly overweight, but have a "beer belly" you should consider cutting down on unhealthy processed foods and alcohol, because an oversized belly will pull your the pelvis forward and exaggerate the curve in your lower back. This tightens the back muscles and could well result in pain.


Smokers are around 2.7 times more likely to suffer with low back pain than non-smokers. This is largely due to decreased nutrient levels in smokers which diminish when carbon monoxide is present. Carbon monoxide, which is a dangerous poison, also blocks oxygen getting to the muscles, tendons, and bones of the back. As all body cells and tissues need sufficient oxygen to function optimally, it is no wonder that smokers are more likely to have a back disorder.

Even if you are a long-term smoker, you will notice an improvement in backache very soon after you quit. Just 48 hours after stubbing out the last cigarette, nerve endings in the back will begin to return to normality, which will help restore good blood flow and oxygen levels.

Physical Exertion

Many occupations that involve heavy physical work carry a risk for back injury. Factory workers, nurses, and those in the construction trade are more likely to suffer from back injuries than people who work at more sedentary jobs.

Exerting force on your back when lifting heavy objects can lead to injury, so be sure to lift properly with your core muscles and knees taking the strain rather than your back.

Repetitive work tasks that don't appear to tax the body physically may also be taking a toll on your back. Try to modify your movements so you are not making the same moves repeatedly. Even a desk job can be bad for your back if your chair is positioned awkwardly in relation to the computer, or you are continually twisting at an odd angle to pick up the phone.


Poor posture is one of the common causes for back pain that is often overlooked.

This is what you need if you back pain is due to Poor Posture


If your work requires that you stand for long periods, you are probably slouching and stooping over without realizing it. Resting one foot on a rail, step or small box can help relieve the pressure on your back.

If you stand for long periods each day, be sure your wear comfortable shoes with plenty of toe room and a good insole. Badly fitting shoes, especially those with high heels can play havoc with your back.

If you sit for long periods, you are likely to feel much more comfortable, but ideally for the sake of your back, your feet should be placed flat on the floor with your knees on a level with your hips. The chair should support the natural curve of your lower back. If it does not, try placing a rolled up towel or pillow in the small of your back.

Other Disorders

Back pain can be a symptom of another disorder or disease. Kidney stones are an example of a condition that causes quite severe back pain in some sufferers. Other conditions are endometriosis and fibromyalgia, a condition that leads to back pain as well as aching muscles.


Although back pain is usually thought to be a physical problem, like with many other disorders, stress can also pay a large role. When we are stressed, angry or worried, our back muscles will be permanently tensed, which over time will lead to pain. If you are suffering from stress try to find ways to relax both your mind and muscles, such as taking a long hot bath or having a professional massage.


If you are suffering from backache, be aware that it may be caused by a number of causes for back pain, rather than just one reason. Perhaps you are a smoker, who is spending too long in an uncomfortable chair, and in addition have troubles which are causing you stress. A combination of causes can be harder to determine, but keeping a journal of your daily activities and emotions in relation to your pain can help you find out what is contributing mostly to your back pains.


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